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Educational Grants for Young Women and Girls 

Are you a young woman or girl (age 6 to 20) who needs help with school supplies and/or school and exam fees?  Complete the form below to be considered for a Women of Kaieteur Educational Grant.  Items that we can supply include school bags, stationery, text books etc. Apply by 26 August

Grant Conditions

  • Grants are open to young women and girls between the age of 6 and 20 as long as they are in full or verified part-time education
  • All information must be true and accurate
  • Anyone under 16 must have permission to apply for and receive the grant
  • Women of Kaieteur reserve the right to ask for additional information before confirming the grant
  • Names of beneficiaries will be published
  • A parent/guardian can apply for a grant on behalf of a child but it will only be allowed once valid identification for the child in question is produced
  • Valid identification will be required by the child and parent/guardian before the grant is released
  • Grants will vary from applicant to applicant
  • Women of Kaieteur reserves the right to share the stories gained through the grant
  • Women of Kaieteur will require photographs to publicise receipt of the grant
  • All grant applications will be subject to verification and scrutiny as Women of Kaieteur sees fit
  • Women of Kaieteur grants are open to all