Why we want to help ....

  • Did you know that Guyana has FOUR times the global average suicide rate?
  • Did you know that Guyanese women often suffer domestic abuse and often live well below the poverty line?
  • Did you know that it is commonplace for underage Guyanese girls to have relationships with older men to bolster household income?
  • Did you know that Guyanese business women are more likely to give their money to their partners and less likely to re-invest in their business and in their own professional development?

If you want to eradicate gender inequality and be part of the movement to create positive outcomes for women and girls in Guyana  then sign up to support us.


Now we want to get a copy of 50 Women:50 Years into every secondary school in Guyana to provide girls with access to information about role models and to help raise their aspirations

50 Women: 50 Years - Our Guyana Project

In December 2016 we published a book about ordinary Guyanese women doing extraordinary things and in commemoration of Guyana's 50th year of Independence we called it 50 Women:50 Years.

Named after the book, this project is focused on empowering women and girls in Guyana, South America. 


To buy a copy of 50 Women:50 Years click here or to sponsor a copy for a school or schools in Guyana contact us

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